A good editor doesn’t rewrite words, she rewires synapses.

I love this quote by S. Kelley Harrell. It’s a lot like “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” It gives new meaning to “hook the reader!”

I’m intensely involved in my authors’ writing routines and stories, and sensitive to their personal Achilles’ heels; procrastination techniques, bad habits, sensitive areas, and blind spots. I gently call them out on their BS and inspire them to move forward.

Grazie infinite to my amazing editor, Jalina Mhyana. No one could have asked for a better friend, compatriot, collaborator, listener and champion.

– Angela Guido, Author, Interview Hero: How to Ace your Interviews, Find your Voice, and Direct the Narrative of your Life

It’s my job to hold my authors to account, to reassure and guide them through the rough patches, and to inspire them to hone their craft when they’re feeling confident. Most importantly, I teach them to show up to their writing desks regularly, whether or not they’re inspired.

I work with a select handful of authors per year. Because the writer/editor relationship is so intense and long-lasting, and because you’ll need to trust me with your most vulnerable and imperfect first drafts, it is absolutely imperative that we get along well together, that my methods work for you, and that your story resonates with me.

After carrying a memoir around on my shoulders for seventeen years,  I found Jalina. She is more than an editor. She is a visionary who expresses ambitions for her authors’ work they dare not dream for themselves.

Joan Kovach, Author, 100 Mondays in Budapest

Fun stuff:

  • a typical week working with me
  • a few sample edits I’ve done on my authors’ manuscripts, to give you a sneak peek of what to expect

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