We know from personal experience that a single letter can change the trajectory of your life; whether it’s a query letter, an application letter, a cover letter or a love letter. If one single letter – one page of writing – can have such a tremendous impact on your life, think of the impact a novel or nonfiction title might have.

A fantastic nonfiction book will not only give you credibility as a professional but also bolster your platform and single you out as an authority in your field. A novel, on the other hand, can set your literary career in motion. Do you have an incredible life story? Maybe a memoir is on your horizon.

Politicians, athletes, and celebrities of every ilk know the benefits of hiring ghostwriters who are sympathetic to personality, story, and voice. At STORIA, we’re proud to say that “sensitivity to voice” is one of the most frequent compliments we receive from ghostwriting clients.

As your writing professionals, we guarantee that the ideas and stories you present to the world will be meticulous and stylish whether your book is a nonfiction business title, a cookbook, a book of literary essays or part one of a sci-fi trilogy.

Engaging. Succinct. Intelligent.

Put our award-winning writing skills to work for you!


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