Pay-Per-Chapter Option

Many writers aren’t able to invest in a manuscript edit. We’ve been in that position and wished there had been pay-per-chapter options available. At The Graphite Agency, we’ll provide you with insightful feedback you can trust on a chapter by chapter basis – without a daunting initial investment of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Benefits for you

  • Trust
  • Consistency
  • Learn-as-you-go mentorship
  • Accountability
  • Create your own deadlines
  • One-week turnaround (so you don’t break your stride)
  • Affordability

Trustworthy editors

Because I couldn’t afford a reputable editor when I was younger, I submitted my work chapter by chapter to online writing groups. The feedback was inconsistent and I felt overwhelmed by the avalanche of conflicting advice I received.

On these sites it’s hard to know whose word to trust; I had no idea who these people were or what their writing backgrounds were. I wished I could afford a professional editor who would guide me from chapter to chapter and give me the motivation I needed to move forward.

Consistency of feedback

Despite the wisdom of the maxim “too many cooks in the kitchen,” writers invariably try to please all of the people all of the time. Can you imagine making soup by consulting twenty different recipes?

The result would be inedible.

We know firsthand how frustrating – and impossible – it is to please everyone at once; from friends and family to journal editors and literary agents. Every reader has his or her own intentions, preferences, and expectations. If you change your manuscript for each and every single person who offers a suggestion, your manuscript will never be finished.

Our feedback is consistent, allowing you to respectfully tune out the well-meaning but ultimately unreliable critiques of friends and writing groups. Your writing will improve consistently and in a linear fashion  – free of the distraction, noise, and dubious critiques that often do more harm than good.

Learn-as-you-go mentorship

An enormous benefit of this kind of “developmental edit” is that you can learn as you go by putting our suggestions into practice immediately. Our suggestions in chapter one can be incorporated into subsequent chapters, so each chapter you write will automatically be that much more polished and publishable.


Additionally, our pay-per-chapter system gives you accountability. It’s all too easy to procrastinate and let life interfere with writing. But when you know we’re eagerly anticipating chapters two and three, and so on, you’ll be eager to keep the chapters coming.

Create your own deadlines

Together we’ll discuss your schedule and writing habits and come up with a comprehensive writing schedule for you to follow; a gentle plan that takes into account all of the surprises and delays that life tends to throw at us despite our best intentions. You can write a chapter per week, one per month, or one per year.

Affordable for all budgets

Your pay-per-chapter mentorship fee includes thoughtful line by line commentary about the structural integrity of your story, the narrative arc, the fluency and clarity of your prose, and other comprehensive issues.

In addition, you’ll receive a one-page analysis of your chapter, including insight into how well it transitions from the previous chapter and moves the story or nonfiction book along as a whole.

You probably can’t afford to pay for a $2,000 substantive edit right now, in one lump sum, but we’re betting that you probably can afford an $80 edit.

A 250-page manuscript, altogether, costs $2,000.

But …

At $8 per page, a 10-page chapter costs only $80.

“Jalina was an absolute pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond what I expected and her professionalism was second to none. Her ability as an editor knows no bounds. She will be my first choice for any other work I have in the future.”

Paul Herron, YA Author