STORIA Services

Whether you’re looking for someone to edit your fiction manuscript, create a direct mail campaign to increase brand awareness, pen an e-book from scratch, ghostwrite your autobiography, or compose a synopsis and query package for agents, we’re here to help.

Choose from our comprehensive selection of services, and contact us for a quote.


Have you written a novel? An e-book? A technical manual? We edit manuscripts, essays, articles, speeches, blog posts, and many other written materials. Whether you need a comprehensive helping hand throughout the process, or a light proofread at the end, we help you hone your writing to the highest caliber. We offer chapter-by-chapter payment plans, as well as comprehensive manuscript evaluations.


Are you on a deadline? Do you need succinct, compelling, meticulously flawless writing done in a snap?  In addition to sales copywriting and ghostwriting, we have written newspaper and magazine articles, artists’ monographs, interviews, reviews, brochures, e-books, curricula, school catalogs, video scripts, speeches (political, wedding, graduation) and more.


Celebrities, athletes, and politicians often hire ghostwriters to write autobiographies on their behalf. When you hire a ghostwriter, you can devote your time and energy to your career rather than face the daunting task of writing a book from scratch.


As published writers, we bring years of traditional and self-publishing expertise to the table. Whether you’re interested in writing a story synopsis, a nonfiction book proposal, a query letter, or sample chapters, we’ll guide you through the process of submitting your work to journals, agents, and/or independent publishers. We offer many services tailored to self-published authors, as well. In addition to editing, we’re able to help with outlines, jacket flap copy, blurbs, and press releases.




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