Some of my Authors’ Stories

A woman recently diagnosed with cancer writes the story her mother never had a chance to finish before she passed away in Austria. Using pages from her mother's notebooks rescued from a house fire, she finishes her mother's narrative as an act of healing and tribute, and to reconcile with her own life in Cape… Continue reading Some of my Authors’ Stories

Witch Kisses & Talking Skeletons

Lori's translation of  Perodi's fairy tales entitled "The Tuscan Tales of Emma Perodi" is a landmark accomplishment, as it's the first-ever book-length English translation of Perodi's stories, one that has met with great success. Lori's manuscript has been accepted by Paris agent Gregory Messina, and the first chapter of her translation is slated to appear in the esteemed Journal of Italian Translation. Storia is proud to have played a small part in the book's creation. 

Writing or Metamorphosis?

We're kicking off our blog by celebrating the humble pencil; its forgiveness, messy rough drafts and carefree smudges, the way you can wear it behind your ear or spear it through an updo on a hot day.

How it gives itself to us completely: diminished to the nib, so small you can't hold it anymore - like a melted candle that can't hold its flame.