Some of my Authors’ Stories

  • A woman recently diagnosed with cancer writes the story her mother never had a chance to finish before she passed away in Austria. Using pages from her mother’s notebooks rescued from a house fire, she finishes her mother’s narrative as an act of healing and tribute, and to reconcile with her own life in Cape Cod.

  • The first English translation of chilling Italian fairy tales by Emma Parodi, an Italian feminist who worked side by side with the author of Pinocchio, translated by an American living in Italy.

  • A business book written by a Chicago native now living between Amsterdam and Florence about the power of personal narrative and how the stories we choose to tell about ourselves affect us on a neuro-chemical level. These stories change who we think we are and sculpt our identities.

  • A soulful YA story written by an Irish author inspired by fairy tales. The book involves a hospital for magical children populated by a cast of oddball and lovable characters who urge us to see otherness as a gift.

  • A suburban housewife in Massachusetts convinces her family to spend two years in Budapest – a move she hopes will insulate her three teenage sons and expand their horizons. Without jobs, friends in Budapest, or a grasp of the language, their exotic adventure ultimately teaches her how to let go.

  • A book by an expat performance artist whose Italian grandmother smuggled a grape vine into Australia, where her grandfather later became a celebrity chef. The book is half cookbook, half memoir, with equal parts Calabrian anecdotes and old world recipes.
  • Two books of historical fiction set in Florence involving the powerful and notorious Medici family and their circle – stories of power, love, and intrigue – written by an American art historian living in Italy.

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